President / Principal

As an entrepreneur, Justin Beedle understands how the entrepreneurial mind thinks and operates. The drive and the passion for something to call their own. He understands the sleepless nights, the bursts of ideas that come periodically and most of all, the tremendous risk that entrepreneurs take to create new and innovative products and services that better our lives. With over 20 years of construction experience, and 10 of those years as a construction executive, Justin has the ability to help and guide clients through the commercial construction experience. He has a love and passion for helping entrepreneurs find property, design their facilities through a team of design professionals, and construct the facility on time and within budget. Having served in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Policeman, Justin loves and appreciates the freedoms and opportunities that this Nation

provides him. As the Construction Manager for ALDI, U.S the worldwide grocery chain, he understands the construction process from the owners point of view and the importance of professional and accurate communication throughout the buildout process. Throughout his career he has gained the appreciation for surrounding himself with great people who are great at what they do.



Chief Financial Officer / Principal

Since joining Patriot Development Group, Mike has assumed responsibility for the overall financial strategy and direction of the company, as well as human resources. Within finance, he oversees the accounting, tax, and financial viability functions to support the company’s growth strategy.  His career spans 19 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy.

Previously, Mike worked for over 12 years as CFO & Operations Manager for Porter Investments, a company that focused in real estate investment, management, & development.  Prior to that, he worked as Corporate & Business Tax Manager at Hunt Petroleum Corp, where he managed a group who handled the tax needs for the Hunt Family’s many business ventures, which spanned many industries.

Mike earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of North Texas, where he originally went to study Construction Management.

​The most important things in Mike’s life are his family and his faith.  He has been married to the love of his life since 1996, and together they share six wonderful kids—3 boys & 3 girls.  His time with them, as well as time spent in the service of God, are what drive him to be the best person he can and have molded him into the person he is today.


Tom Borrego

VP of Pre-Construction

As Vice President of Pre-construction, Tom oversees all aspects of the pre-construction process at Patriot Development Group including estimating, design-build, and business development .  Tom’s sole purpose is to bring value to our clients during the beginning stages of a project by providing strategy development and value discovery while maintaining our clients vision. Tom’s 16 years of experience in commercial construction and thorough understanding of the entire construction process enable him to deliver outstanding results and experiences to our clients.

When not working on real estate or wood working, Tom and his wife of 20 years enjoy spending the weekends watching their Son play competitive baseball.  He is an avid runner and enjoys spending his time outdoors, fishing with his son or playing a round of golf when he can